History has been marked with mighty empires. From the start of time, the world has seen these civilizations rise and fall, the land switch from one pair of hands to anothe. Great kings build empires on the stones of the last, an endless cycle of conquering and reclaiming. Eventually, eons after the chaos gods ruled, thousands of years after the Sassrain Empire, hundreds of years after the rule of the Confederacy of Gurd, a race known as the humans took the reigns of the world. The humans had always been cattle up to this point, slaves who served a greater master. Some would say it was immposible for the humans to ever rule, but they proved their mettle to the races they conquered. After 1000 years of peacful rule though, the echoes of war are sounding again. The cycle moves on, time is preparing for another Age. The fate of humanity now rests upon a select group of heroes who must fight destiny itself from plunging the world into chaos! The rewards are great, the perils are greater. One thing is certain, the world will never be the same after the Age of Opportunity!

Age Of Opportunity